E3 Group for I4.0

The I4.0 companion service offered by E3 Group.

E3 Group for i4.0

E3 Group accompanies companies in the process of digitalization and studies together with the client a tailor-made path to approach all the opportunities that can be seized such as calls for tenders, facilities and funding.

For the tax credit related to Industry 4.0, E3 Group's activities consist of the following steps:

  • Analysis of the asset that the company intends to buy and verification of the predisposition to be an asset 4.0;
  • Mapping of the other assets present in the company and evaluation of the opportunities that can be facilitated;
  • Initial analysis of the company's level of digitization;
  • Study of 4.0 asset-company compatibility;
  • Consultancy for the achievement of requirements useful to request the I4.0 facilitation;
  • Analysis of documentation required for the practice (including pre-purchase, to ensure document compliance);
  • System integrator activities between assets/company;
  • Technical analysis prepared according to MISE guidelines;
  • Audit;
  • Sworn or affidavit technical expertise;
  • Upload of the expertise on the blockchain through the service of PrimoPositum to uniquely certify the date and integrity of the document;
  • Periodic control audits, accompanied by sworn or affidavit expertise, to ensure the maintenance of 4.0 requirements (optional);
  • Possible assistance and support during authority control.

E3 Group is covered by a liability insurance policy.

All activities proposed by E3 Group and carried out by its staff comply with the code of ethics of the Order of Engineers.