Analytical assessments and structured growth.

Analytical assessments and structured growth

For over twenty years, our process, product and technology analyses have used structured engineering methodologies. The Appraisal is a tool that is sometimes used to ensure an objective analysis of the industrial values, methods and technologies. In this way we can ensure growth processes on the Industrial primary functions based on data and technologies, both established and innovative.

In our work of System Integrator We employ professionals and technical experts at the forefront of industrial research and technological innovation.


Value and technology appraisals

The Appraisal is a technical opinion of a particular situation required to ascertain technical-economic issues (such as the estimation of an asset or a damage, i.e. the attribution to the same of an economic value) or to attest the truth about a technical issue (such as the conformity of an asset to specific standards). E3 Group, with its Industrial Engineering professionals, draws up expert reports on:

Growth on primary processes

The primary processes contribute directly to the creation of the output (products and services) of an organization and this is what E3 Group focuses on. For each specific problem of growth or industrial restructuring, E3 Group responds with an analytical, structured and measurable proposal and intervention, not replicable but "tailored" to the client. Specifically we intervene on


Complex project management

To manage growth, it is necessary to plan a project with the aim of achieving a particular goal. This growth must be driven by managing the project and its complexities. We apply statistical methods to estimate a priori times, results and risks and manage them with managerial competence. Complex projects are built on: