E3 Group operates in the field of industrial and technological consultancy, providing companies with analyses, evaluations and strategic plans for innovative development.

Analysis and Strategic Consulting

E3 Group accompanies companies in the process of digitalization and studies together with the client a tailor-made path to approach all the opportunities that can be seized such as calls for tenders, facilities and funding.

Industry 4.0

Technical analysis and expertise on assets, facilities, systems, and research and development.

Business processes

Analysis and optimization of business processes with structured methodologies.

System Integrator

Management of complex technological innovation processes.

Digital Innovation

IT solutions on Key Enable Technologies.


Data culture training and management of introduced technologies.

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POT.A Self Assessment

POT.A is a self-assessment useful to determine the level of company digitalization. It offers a useful starting point to implement a correct digitalization strategy in a 4.0 perspective and to identify the target level you want to reach.


PrimoPositum is a startup founded in 2021 as E3 Group's right-hand man when it comes to developing IT solutions.

Among the various services it offers is that of certification of documents via timestamp on blockchain.



For over twenty years, our process, product and technology analyses have used structured engineering methodologies. The Appraisal is a tool that is sometimes used to ensure an objective analysis of the industrial values, methods and technologies. In this way we can ensure growth processes on the Industrial primary functions based on data and technologies, both established and innovative.

In our work of System Integrator We employ professionals and technical experts at the forefront of industrial research and technological innovation.

I4.0 Appraisals
I4.0 Appraisals

Statutory requirements of plant, machinery and assets for tax breaks and tax credits.

Process analysis

Intercept and correct executive-level dystonias or inefficiencies and identify sources and drivers of process efficiencies.



If a company feels it has growth potential or needs a radical change to get out of a state of crisis, it must equip itself with a Strategy.

Applying an industrial strategy requires having a clear Vision of what you want to achieve, know Analyze the context and apply a Tactics. For over a decade we have been applying this method to a wide range of small and medium-sized companies, in the industrial and service sectors, in Italy and abroad.

Our strategic interventions combine systematic analysis with the ability to intuit the competitive environment and interpret internal mechanisms.

Process analysis
System Integrator